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SEO and Keyword Density

Recently a client asked me to help him define exactly how many keywords should be placed in a page. He is an experienced copywriter and marketer, but the idea of writing for both human and machine (search engines) was just not something he was very comfortable doing without further direction.

Practical Blog Design Means Powerful Business

Practical blog design means powerful business in 2015. Every aspect of blog design is important for business. Most savvy business owners and entrepreneurs not only recognize the need for a powerful and effective online presence, they also acknowledge the importance of the kind of brand awareness a good website will bring. An effective blog design […]

Navigating the Digital Seas of SEO

The rapid change of technology that enforces innovation from every quarter of this industry is overwhelming. We dogpaddle to keep afloat in the waves of our own marketing niche of the Internet oceans. Those of us who “swim” in this space know that we constantly need to follow new techniques to keep from sinking. But […]

The Purpose of Metrics | A/B Testing

After a heated discussion over the use of analytics, it struck me that the metrics are the least of our worries.  Weighing the value of the various metrics and aligning them to KPIs is more important than the metrics themselves.  The data must have meaning and a purpose of action. Time on page and bounce […]