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We are committed to helping your business grow!

We do this in three ways: Provide a worry free website experience & get your business noticed online by providing a great deal on consistent, evergreen premium directory listings, and building a solid body of in-links from relevant articles, blogs and news stories from high-value sites.

Our Featured News selection is designed to build solid inlinks to your site. We are privileged to have relationships with some of the strongest publishers in the industry. We find a match for your specific business and create valuable content with links to your site and content.

We offer many levels of Onsite SEO, Local SEO, and referring link SEO. If you don’t see something here, please schedule a call and we will provide a specific package just for you.

In every plan, there is a one-time setup that identifies site strengths/weaknesses, and puts you on the road to SEO success.

All SEO Service Plans:

Plan Feature Description Included in Plan
Keywords The number of keywords that we use to optimize your website. See Package
Keyword Finder Use our keyword discovery tool to find relevant keywords for your customers. Build a bundle of keywords that fits your budget. Yes
Keyword Mapper Our keyword mapping tool allows you to specify the target page for each of the keywords you have specified. Yes
Topic Keywords Improving traffic from target keywords is the ultimate goal of the campaign. Topic keywords are related long-tail keywords that can be used for on-site blogging and content marketing. Our software helps you find and manage this list. Yes
Onsite Report Our SEO Analysts will review your website and make specific recommendations to optimize existing pages for your target keywords. Recommendations in title, description, keyword density, internal linking and rich snippet markup. See Package
Conversion Report Our SEO Analyst team will review your website and make recommendations to improve the conversion rate and ability to track conversions. Recommendations include a review of the call to action, website analytics setup, web to lead, phone tracking and overall website design. Yes
Onsite Implementation Our expert web development team will implement the actionable recommendations in your onsite report. This includes page updates and some conversion optimization recommendations. See Package
Backlink Anchor Text Screen Use third party data to analyze the anchor text ratio of keyword rich anchor text. If ratio of keyword rich anchor text is higher than brand determine if further analysis is required. Yes
Schema.org SEO Analysts will review website for schema.org markup options. This includes location, product, review and video markup. Yes
Website Copy Edits SEO Analysts will make edits to website copy to include targeted keywords. This service is for existing website copy. New copy creation is not included. See Package
Web-to-Lead Setup Setup a web-to-lead form that collects your important lead data and provides sales analytics. Yes
Phone Tracking Use our phone tracking service to track phone calls to a website. Get a better understanding of your online marketing performance. All programs include a credit towards the phone tracking service. Yes and $10 credit

We provide full-service organic SEO & SEM

We work with large and small companies to improve their position in search engines. Our first step is to scheduled 1-hour free phone consultation and provide you with two free reports:

  • SEO VALUE REPORT that converts your site’s organic standing into an equivalent PayPerClick (PPC) value along with three of your top competitors.
  • LOCAL LISTING report for a quick view of listing continuity of your business across more than 70 channels.

Then we discuss your organization’s standing for SEO in the two category groups:

On-Site SEO

The Onsite SEO as the foundation of your site’s optimization efforts. This includes making sure your site is correctly indexed, with proper robots.txt, sitemap, and page content with titles, headers, keywords, density check, and meta data.

Off-Site SEM

The Offsite SEM that helps you build credibility and SEO value to your site with in-links from relevant websites, news sites, listing sites, as well as social media sites.

DIY Versus Hiring an SEO company

We can assist organizations with general consulting builds their skills in onsite SEO, or provide 100% of this service for them.

One measure that is not as easily achieved through DIY is developing in-links for high-standing websites, blogs, online magazines and news sites. We help you build inlinks through our partner publishing groups by creating referencing articles, new stories, press releases, and blogs, which increase your site’s reputation and ranking on search engines.

We also work with you to create and manage a successful PayPerClick (PPC) strategy.

Whatever the size of your organization, we have a package that can meet your needs and budget.