Value Cloud Backup & Tech Support

Why Technical Support Packages?

Thank you for partnering with us!
Our clients are fantastic! The journey into web design for a specific business/purpose is an experience of exploration. As we seek out the best way to speak through your website to your target market, many times our clients learn new insight about their own business. It is a very rewarding experience to participate in this partnership.
Recently we’ve received far more requests that we are able to handle. To maintain our committed to providing you with the best possible service, we have created support packages. These will allow us the extra bandwidth to provide the same quality service you have come to expect from our team!

We are committed to helping your business grow!

We do this in three ways: Provide a worry free website experience & get your business noticed online by providing a great deal on consistent, evergreen premium directory listings. Choose the package you would like and we will reach out to schedule your services.

Worry-Free Website

Our technical support team:

Completes the following tasks weekly:

  1. Plugins Updates
  2. Theme Updates
  3. Core WordPress Updates

Completes the following tasks monthly:

  1. Creates and keeps a three-month running copy (website and database) in the cloud

As Needed:

  1. Checks and resolves any code conflicts from updates
  2. Improves performance & site load
  3. Provides additional technical/development/ support up to 1 hour monthly – rolling 8 hours max.

Local Directory and Inlinking

Choose this package with your technical support, and save $50 a month!

This is a hands free offer! We do all the work for you!

We create and fully manage your directory’s fresh content across 70+ of the top online directories, search engines, social networks, online mapping tools, downloadable apps, and GPS devices.

We achieve more with your listings by adding promotional links and calls-to-action right in your listings. These links drive traffic directly to your website. From evergreen offers to seasonal specials, we can showcase what matters most to your customers at the local level.

  • Worry Free
  • $250
    Monthly Tech Support
  • Weekly updates: plugins, theme, WordPress core
  • Create 3-month rolling backup of site and database on the cloud
  • Development time banks up to 8 hours and can be used for upgrading code, e-commerce, etc
  • Local Listing Directories at $50 savings. (optional)