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Navigating the Digital Seas of SEO

The rapid change of technology that enforces innovation from every quarter of this industry is overwhelming. We dogpaddle to keep afloat in the waves of our own marketing niche of the Internet oceans. Those of us who “swim” in this space know that we constantly need to follow new techniques to keep from sinking. But what about the casual user, and how do they interact within this ever shifting and expanding space? It is amazing how the general populace casually surfs these upsurges almost expertly. They are barely aware of, if at all, the churning digital seas around them. Read more

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The Purpose of Metrics | A/B Testing

After a heated discussion over the use of analytics, it struck me that the metrics are the least of our worries.  Weighing the value of the various metrics and aligning them to KPIs is more important than the metrics themselves.  The data must have meaning and a purpose of action. Time on page and bounce rate numbers are only meaningful if we dive deeper into these numbers with appropriate A/B testing.  The goal is to use that data to find out elements that are successful or those that need tweaking.

With affordable CMS software, it becomes much easier to change out page layout and information without needed the help of developers.  But this fact can also be a double-edged sword.  Since we have so much control over content, we may feel the need to change out everything – instead of focusing on micro changes to improve site analytics.  Going rogue on a page may be death to conversions and sales.

The best solution is to take a page that works and recreate it for A/B testing.  One page may include micro-changes to content such as headlines, images, or inclusion of bullet points.  Even visual elements such as beveling a button may impact conversion rate.  Make sure to record the changes as a means of building a greater understanding of your customer.

Here is an interesting link that discusses “Call To Action” buttons and SEO: